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Mint Chocolate Cake in Manila

Are you a mint chocolate lover? You definitely should try our Mint Chocolate Cake! We deliver anywhere in Metro Manila.

Mint Chocolate Cake Manila
You will love our Mint Chocolate Cake! Delivered all around Metro Manila.

If you’re not far from San Lorenzo Place Makati, you may easily order a Mint Belgian Chocolate Cake through our website! Just remember to send proof of payment within the given deadline. Yes, we still do manual payment because automated payments will require us to pay extra fees, which will make the cost of our products higher and we don’t want you to shoulder that burden!

Otherwise, if your address is not supported, just message us on Facebook or Instagram to get your Mint Chocolate Cake soon!

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Dinner Rolls Recipe

Dinner rolls, or just “rolls”, was the first ever successful bread that I have baked. My attempts to bake these were a hit and miss in the past. There were times when they would rise, and there were times when they won’t, even when I leave them for over an hour.

Right now, during the COVID-19 quarantine period, I have some extra time to bake some goods for personal consumption. My husband being at home is extra motivation. Baking something I could share with someone is always more fun.

In the few times that I attempted to bake bread rolls during quarantine, I’ve taken note of 2 things that allowed me to consistently bake fluffy bread:

  1. Don’t add too much flour
  2. If the dough doesn’t seem to rise, heat up your oven, turn it off, and then let the dough rise in the oven.

If you add too much flour to the dough by accident, it will not rise properly. Based on my [little] experience, we can fix this during the first rise of the dough: preheat your oven, cover the bowl that contains the dough with wet tea towel, turn off oven, and then place the bowl inside the oven. Make sure to shut the oven door. This helps because it provides added warmth and moisture, which yeast needs to make the bread dough rise.

I’m not good at writing recipes and I’m not an expert at baking, but I hope the following recipe helps someone. Please don’t hesitate to post a comment for tips on bread-making, or if something seems amiss. 🙂

Dinner Rolls

I personally enjoy making this for breakfast, snack, or for serving with stew. I don't use an electric mixer on this since it's not a big batch — only a wooden spoon and my hands.
Servings 8 people


  • 1/2 tsp oil, for greasing a bowl (this is where the dough will rise the first time)
  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 Tbsp instant dry yeast (I use Eagle brand instant dry yeast)
  • 2 and 1/2 Tbsp white sugar (35 grams)
  • 1/2 tsp salt (use 1/4 if your butter is salted)
  • 3/4 cup warm milk (you need about 43°C; any hotter milk may kill the yeast)
  • 2 1/2 Tbsp unsalted butter (35g — you may use salted, but remember to halve the amount of salt you're using)
  • 1 piece medium egg, lightly beaten then separated into halves (after separating, each should be about 27g; one half will be mixed into the bread dough, and the other half will be the egg wash)
  • 1/2 tsp water (for egg wash)


  • Grease the bottom and sides of a medium bowl. Set aside.
  • In a medium mixing bowl, combine all purpose flour, yeast, sugar, salt, milk, butter, and half an egg. Make sure that your milk is warm but not too hot to avoid killing the yeast.
  • Mix with a wooden spoon or your clean hands until the flour is well incorporated, and then keep mixing for 2-4 more minutes until a ball of dough is formed. The dough should still be sticky but begins to pull away from the sides of your mixing bowl.
  • Knead the dough for about 2-4 minutes. Signs that you've kneaded enough: the dough has become smoother, and if you stretch it into a thin sheet between your fingers it should stretch into a paper-thin film without breaking.
  • Form the dough into a ball and then transfer to the greased bowl that you prepared earlier. Try to coat the ball of dough with oil.
  • Cover this bowl with tea towel or beeswax wrap (plastic wrap alternative). Leave it in a warm area for 30 minutes.
    When my dough still hasn't doubled in size after 30 minutes, I preheat an oven, turn it off, and then let my dough rise inside the slightly heated oven for 15-20 minutes. Make sure to turn it off while the dough is in there.
  • Do the poke test: poke the middle of the risen dough with an oiled finger. If the dough springs back right away, it needs more time to rise.
  • Grease an 9-inch square baking pan, or any pan equivalent in volume.
  • Lightly punch down the dough to deflate it, then divide into 12 equal pieces. Shape each piece into a smooth ball.
  • Transfer the small balls of dough into the greased baking pan, and then cover with tea towel or beeswax wrap. Let it rise for another 30 minutes in a warm place.
  • Remove the cover from the pan. Preheat oven to 175 (For convection oven, try 100).
  • Mix 1/2 tsp water with half an egg to make the egg wash. Brush the top of the dough with this mixture.
  • Bake for 15-20 minutes, until golden brown on the top. (For convection oven, bake for 12-15 minutes)


To test the temperature of milk without thermometer, I carefully and slowly dip a finger into the heated milk. If I’m able to stand the heat for 2 seconds but not longer, then it should be good to go.
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My online desserts shop in the COVID-19 Quarantine Period

I was crying a few days after the start of the community quarantine because my desserts business had to stop before I could even reach break-even. But later on, things went to a different direction, and it isn’t that bad anymore, thanks to people I was able to rely on and to the fact that my business is based online.

Gathering resources to temporarily run the business at home

The Luzon community quarantine was announced exactly on my birthday. Celebrations were cancelled, and with a sigh, I decided that it was a good time to stay at home and take a break from everything.

But then, during quarantine, I began receiving a huge amount of inquiries about the delivery of cakes and other baked goods. I didn’t have any of my baking tools at home — my oven, baking pans, hand mixer, packaging, ingredients… they were all in the unit I’m renting for baking. Worse, the rent can’t be waived because my landlady also needs money for her own family.

I felt so frustrated when 2 of my acquaintances from my previous job asked me if I could make a cake for their family events, but I had to refuse because I couldn’t provide anything.

My husband has a Quarantine Pass so he offered to try to go to my bake space to fetch my stuff. It’s a long walking distance away from home, but it’s in the same Barangay. Thankfully, he was able to fetch everything I need to be able to provide my customers basic products: cookies and cakes, without being questioned by officials along the way.

Initially, my ingredients and packaging items from the bake space weren’t enough, but I was lucky to be able to contact some suppliers of baking ingredients (All About Baking) and packaging items (RM Boxes). Their responses took a while, as expected due to the quarantine period’s demands, but I got what I ordered after a couple of days.

I requested from my husband that I use a corner of our small home for my bulky ingredients and tools, and a huge portion of our standard sized fridge for my butter, cream cheese, and cakes. It really helped to have a kind husband! 🙏

With the materials fetched from the bake space, and a small convection-only oven (it bakes at a much higher temperature so I adjusted my baking times and techniques) at home, I got back to business! Before the quarantine, I was used to taking orders online and dispatching deliveries through 3rd party couriers, I had to make only minor adjustments to my process. For now, I only deliver once a week, and dispatch items in 1 go to avoid leaving home, lest I catch and spread the virus.

My quarantine products


Red Velvet Cakes

Cakes have a high demand these days because people can’t visit their go-to bakeshops when they have a celebration at home. Due to the lack of space at home, I’m only able to make 2 cakes available for delivery every Sunday, with limited flavor options. But I am happy to be able to provide as little as this.

Cookies PH

Big Fat Happy Cookies & Big Fat Choco Chip Cookies

About 4 years ago I was thinking to myself, what if I had an online cookie store with the domain name “” so that people would easily remember my website URL? That idea did not come to life until the COVID-19 quarantine period.

I bought the domain name, quickly built my website using WordPress, along with its Instagram and Facebook pages. I named this cookie business Cookies PH.

Orders came pouring in; I actually get more orders these days compared to pre-quarantine period. That’s because the demand for food delivery has gone up since quarantine started.

I had many cookie products for sale here at Catzie’s Cakery, but the cookie recipe for Cookies PH is different. It has a more fragrant dough, more generous cookie mix-ins, and baked in bigger, fatter sizes. I usually call the cookies at Cookies PH “big, fat cookies”. One of my frequent customers loves the dough so much, and describes them as “crunchy outside, soft inside”.

My husband says they are the best cookies I’ve baked EVER, so there’s a possibility that I would take most, if not all, cookie products off the Catzie’s Cakery menu, and sell only Cookies PH cookies. We’ll see.

Follow our online cookie shop: Cookies PH on Instagram / Cookies PH on Facebook.

Happily serving people

I planned to do nothing during the quarantine, but due to the demand for cakes and cookies, here I am, giving my all to my job and feeling fulfilled because I am able to reach people who appreciate my creations.

To those acquaintances who needed cakes but I had to refuse, I’d like to say sorry again, but at the same time I’d like to thank you. The frustration from not being able to provide you cakes allowed me to gather the resources to make cakes again.

To people who will need cakes from now on, as long as my delivery sched works for your needs, I’ll be happy to deliver cakes to you.

To people who have been ordering from Cookies PH weekly, I hope it remains as your favorite cookies even after we get through the virus outbreak!

One of the challenges at this time is booking a courier to deliver my cookies and cakes. It’s hard to book someone from GrabExpress, but even if I book one there’s no guarantee of a compartment in the motorbike for my cakes. My former go-to courier, Lalamove, doesn’t assign any driver to me anymore. I topped up my wallet for the quarantine period but I’m not able to use it anyway. My new go-to courier is Happy Move! That’s the service where I always eventually get someone to deliver goods for me. Their app still need a little more work, which is understandable because they’re one of the new on-demand courier services, but the quality of service is at par, if not greater, with Lalamove.

I’m happily serving during quarantine, thanks to customers who choose us, to my husband, to All About Baking, to RM Boxes, and to Happy Move. Cheers!

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Unique flavors of the best Revel Bars at Catzie’s Cakery

The first revel bars that we tried was at a convenience store that came from Japan. The revel bar had an oatmeal cookie base, with chocolate filling, and topped off with a little more oatmeal cookie dough. It was quite pleasant to snack on, especially with coffee.

That convenience store’s revel bars was our favorite cookie bar… that is, until we started making our own revel bars. 😅 According to one of our customers, what makes our revel bars really good is that they’re moist and fudgy, unlike some dry, crumbly ones they’ve tried.

At Catzie’s Cakery, you’ll find unique flavors of revel bars that are not sold anywhere else (at least none that we know of!) such as the Nutella Revel Bars and Cookies N Cream Revel Bars.

Chocolate Revel Bars

Chocolate Revel Bars.
Order yours freshly baked by sending Catzie’s Cakery a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Our chocolate revel bars are very simple: soft, chewy oatmeal cookie base, chocolate fudge filling, and more oatmeal cookie dough as the topping.

This was the flavor we had for the longest time so we had the chance to watch the reaction of many of our customers and friends as they munched on slices of these revel bars. We’ll never forget those happy faces.

Some enjoy eating these cold while they are chewy, while some enjoy these warmed up in the toaster or microwave, and then eaten with a spoon. These are like chocolate pies when served warm, so why not scoop some vanilla ice cream on top after heating? 😉

Matcha Revel Bars

Matcha Revel Bars.
Order yours freshly baked by sending Catzie’s Cakery a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Our first flavor experiment for our revel bars was for the Matcha Revel Bars. This is not as uncommon as the other flavors that we made, but we worked hard to develop our own recipe for the matcha fudge.

According to feedback of taste testers, the initial batch of our matcha revel bars had too little matcha flavor to it. We added a little more matcha powder until matcha lovers became satisfied, but not so much to scare off people who dislike matcha, and also not so much to make this item too expensive. Authentic matcha powder is so expensive!

We get our matcha powder straight from Japan.

Cookies N Cream Revel Bars

Our Cookies N Cream Revel Bars are filled with white chocolate fudge and one of our favorite commercial cookies: Oreo! We took our recipe for the Matcha Revel Bars, and tweaked it to make room for the added Oreos. The result was a delicious, unique flavor of revel bars. Oatmeal cookie bars with white chocolate and Oreos always hit the spot!

Nutella Revel Bars

Nutella Revel Bars.
Order yours freshly baked by sending Catzie’s Cakery a message on Facebook or Instagram.

At one point, we always had a stock of our favorite chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella, because of one of our best-selling cookies — the Nutella-Filled Cookies. So, we thought, what if we made Nutella Revel Bars, too?

We adjusted our recipe for the classic Chocolate Revel Bars to incorporate some Nutella. It was well-received by our long-time customers who love our revel bars.

The Nutella flavor is right there, but the texture of the fudge filling when you bite it so close to that of the chocolate revel bar.

What our customers say about our revel bars:

We’re happy if our baked goods made you happy even just for a minute! Thank you all for the feedback.

How to order revel bars from Catzie’s Cakery:

Craving for our revel bars? Give in, you deserve a treat! We only have 1-3 days lead time to bake fresh revel bars for you. To order:

  1. Send us the following info on Facebook or Instagram:
    • Delivery Date:
    • Delivery Address:
    • Recipient’s Name:
    • Recipient’s Mobile No.:
    • Products & Quantity:

    We’ll confirm if the date you have chosen is available, and give you a bill that includes the total cost and payment options.
  2. Send us the proof of payment (bank deposit slip, bank transfer screenshot, or GCash screenshot)
  3. Wait for the delivery and enjoy!

For any inquiry, contact us via Facebook or Instagram.

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The story behind Catzie’s Cakery, an online store with homemade desserts

Red Velvet Cake by Catzie's Cakery

It all began with Catzie’s love for sweets, especially cakes. “How is a cake made anyway?” was what she thought before her first attempts at baking. The very first cake she attempted was a red velvet cake and it was a total failure. However, she tried again another time, and it led to her first ever successful baked creation: a black forest cake for for Valentine’s Day in 2019, which her fellow sweet-toothed ex boyfriend (now husband!) heartily enjoyed.. She hasn’t stopped baking since then.

Now, through Catzie’s Cakery, she is blessed by being able to reach many people — friends of friends and complete strangers, through her baked goods.