Store Policy

By paying for your order, you agree to the following terms:

  • Please pay via instant fund transfer or bank deposit only. Check payment and next-day online transfers are not recommended because we’ll only consider your order as “paid” once the funds are reflected on our account.
  • Once paid, date & cake design will become FINAL, so please triple check your design before paying. Additions or changes to the final design / gift tag will incur an extra service fee, if still possible to accommodate.
  • Delivery time CANNOT be chosen, but rest assured that we’ll inform you once on the way. Dispatch time is 11AM-2PM every Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday.
  • IMPORTANT: It’s your responsibility to ensure that the recipient will be reachable through their mobile # and address on the delivery day. If not reachable, we may leave the item to their guard/lobby, otherwise it will be marked as failed and reattempt will NOT be guaranteed. If reattempt is possible, extra fees will apply for return, storage, & delivery.
  • Minor cake damage is possible during delivery, but we do our best for our creations to arrive in good form.

⚠️ We strictly enforce our terms to maintain the quality of our service, so please carefully read all statements above.