About Us

Who are we?

Catzie’s Cakery is an online store for freshly baked, homemade cookies and cakes. Turn to us for cookies and cakes delivery!

Our Story

It all began with Catzie’s love for sweets, especially cakes. “How is a cake made anyway?” was what she thought before her first attempts at baking. The very first cake she attempted was a red velvet cake and it was a total failure. However, she tried again another time, and it led to her first ever successful baked creation: a black forest cake for for Valentine’s Day in 2019, which her fellow sweet-toothed ex boyfriend (now husband!) heartily enjoyed.. She hasn’t stopped baking since then.Now, through Catzie’s Cakery, she is blessed by being able to reach many people — friends of friends and complete strangers, through her baked goods.

Our Goal

The goal of Catzie’s Cakery is to reach as many people as possible and put a smile on their faces with our homemade baked goods.

Our vision is a world with more premium quality desserts! Life is not easy, but yummy desserts make it all better.

Our mission is to produce the best possible baked goods while staying as environment-friendly as possible.

Target Customers

We would like to reach anyone who likes dessert!

What makes us stand out?

  • We take the taste and texture of our baked goods very seriously and focus on it.
    There have been numerous times when people request that we produce customized cakes but we always politely refuse. We do not want to get distracted by making cakes whose looks make people go WOW but the taste make people go MEH.
  • We don’t only provide high quality baked goods, but also provide high quality service
    Don’t you hate it when some service providers don’t follow their set schedules and break promises? We try to set a good example. When we say we’ll send an item out for delivery at a certain time, then we will send it out at the given time and keep you updated on the status of your order.