Terms & Conditions

No Cancellation After Payment

Once paid, we won’t refund the payment.

Payment First Before Delivery

We will only send goods for delivery when they are already paid for.

At least 50% Downpayment Before Personal Pickup

If you will pick up the goods yourself (not via Lalamove/Grab), please pay at least 50% of the total price then settle the balance upon meetup.

Delivery and Pickup Reschedule

  • You may ask for a resched at least 4 hours BEFORE the delivery or pickup time, and it will be subject for approval
  • Only 1 resched of delivery or pickup is allowed
  • We’ll keep your goods only for a max of 24 hours after the original scheduled delivery or pickup date (our storage space is very small)

Listed policies may change at any time without prior notice.

Failed Delivery Due to Unreachable Customer

If customer is unreachable by the time of the agreed delivery date and time, we will still push through with the delivery. If even the Lalamove/Grab driver cannot contact the customer, the order will be forfeited. No refund will be given.

Delivery Handling

For ensured zero damage on the goods and its packaging, for example when you want to give it as a gift, you may pick up your orders in person.

By having your goods delivered via third-party courier such as LBC, GrabExpress, and Lalamove, you agree that we won’t be liable for any damages to the goods sent for delivery. Before handing the goods over to the courier, we ensure that the goods and packaging are in best condition, but what happens upon handover to the courier is no longer in our hands.

For GrabExpress and Lalamove delivery, the farther the delivery address is from our pickup point, the more chance of the goods being damaged. Currently we don’t do extra protective packaging on our goods but we try to make the boxes of baked goods fit well in the bag of the Grab/Lalamove rider so it doesn’t move around during transportation.

For LBC shipping of dry goods such as cookies, the courier usually wraps the box of goods with bubble wrap. This may not be enough to prevent a few pieces of cookies from breaking.

Despite any possible breakage on the packaging or smudge on the cake, our products should still taste good.

Delivery and Handling Fee

Lalamove/GrabExpress delivery booked by us

We add 20 Pesos handling fee to Lalamove’s delivery price quote. This is used to add Priority Fee at times when it’s difficult to book for delivery, or to book GrabExpress instead (it’s usually more expensive), or for extra packaging that will prevent damage to the goods while in transit (e.g. for long distance cake deliveries, we may insert a lot of crumpled paper to the sides of cake boxes to prevent slipping during transit).

Lalamove/GrabExpress pickup booked by customer

We allow Lalamove/GrabExpress pickup that’s booked by the customer, as long as they follow the pickup time that we agreed upon. By booking Lalamove/GrabExpress to pickup the goods from us, the customer understands that we might not be able to hand over the goods beyond the agreed pickup time.

In this case, handling fee will only be charged for cakes because they are sensitive items. Also, in the case of pickup reschedule, please be reminded that we only keep ordered goods 24 hours after the original pickup time that we set due to limited storage space.

Pickup in person

Customers may pickup the goods from us in person, without any delivery or handling fee, as long as they follow the pickup time that we agreed upon. By picking up the goods from us, the customer understands that we might not be able to hand over the goods beyond the agreed pickup time.


Payment Methods

You may pay for our goods via GCash, online bank transfer, or bank deposit. Currently, the available bank accounts are in BPI, BDO, Metrobank, PSBank, and Security Bank.

We do accept check deposit, but will be only considered “paid” once cleared.

Payment terms based on the type of goods

Baked-per-order goods

Our baked-per-order goods will only be baked after we receive the payment. Please follow the payment cutoff day and time stated in our Pickup/Delivery Schedule page. Payment made beyond the cutoff time will be moved to the next pickup/delivery schedule.

On-hand goods

Our on-hand goods may be paid for upon pickup. Customer may pay in cash (exact amount only), bank transfer, or bank deposit.